Lassen National Park in Northern California is home to Lassen Peak which is the southernmost volcano in the Cascade range. It is home to active volcanoes, boiling mud pots, and excellent skiing. Whether you a just starting out or expert skier, you will find some excellent turns in the Lassen backcountry.

Backcountry snowboarding in Lassen
Backcountry snowboarding in Lassen

The area is ideal for backcountry skiing. It is relatively easy to get to, It’s close to the Humboldt Coast (home), you can camp in the parking lot or the backcountry but most of all the there is such varied terrain. You can choose from the super mellow to the extreme. Kelsey and I found this slope:

Kelsey and I in front of a sick backcountry slope
A moderate slope

We came across actively boiling mud pots. Checking out geothermal activity firsthand is very rewarding and stinky.

 Bubbling mud pots
Not your typical backcountry hazard: Bubbling mud pots in the Lassen backcountry

It’s important to pick up a map of the area and understand where the geothermal activity is.  In the scene above, it’s obvious this whole area is a hot spot, however,  in other places, it is more localized and it is possible to find it by accident. It is not fun to be boiled :/ Just ask Kendall Vanhook Bumpass


[leaflet-map lat=40.6306300839918 lng=-121.64062500000001 zoom=6]

[leaflet-marker lat=40.43678938136029 lng=-121.5332078933716]

I put the pin in the above map where you can camp in the parking lot.  It’s a great place to camp because you have 24-hour access to liquid water and heated bathrooms. It’s essentially backcountry ski glamping.

Backcountry glamping
Backcountry glamping

There are also hazards on the drive to Lassen so watch out.

A sign on Black Butte Rd
A sign on Black Butte Rd on the way to the Lassen backcountry. I definitely slowed down.

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